Mrs. Ka’ae’s Class Blog: Week of January 22nd, 2018

Dear Families,
Hope you have been well. We’ve been busy here at school! Since winter break we’ve been working hard to set new learning goals, and make progress toward achieving them each and every day! Ask your child about their writing goals, and how they are planning to meet them. 🙂
Here are a few things coming up in the next several weeks:
Science Fair is February 22nd. Students are encouraged to participate! Please return registration forms for individual projects so that we can reserve tables for projects. Also, we’ll be doing an in-class science project next week that we’ll need some help gathering supplies for. We could also use some extra parent help for project testing day to help test projects, and take photos.  I will let you know when the time gets closer what day this will be!
The supplies we need help collecting:
-100-500 straws
-fabric scraps
-wax paper (roll)
Friendship Celebration and Crafts. We will be sharing friendship cards, and have some special craft time on February 14th to celebrate or wonderful classroom community! Sharing cards is not required. If your child would like to distribute friendship cards, please be sure there is one for each child in or class. We have 21 students total. I will send out a class list when the time gets closer!
For the craft: Please send in one recycled, washed and clean glass jar. Pickle jars work great for this! Size is not super specific. Anything around this size will work!
Friday Morning Meeting- All of 3rd grade will be singing a song about respect (our character trait of the month) in front of the school during Friday’s morning meeting on 1/26. If you are able, feel free to come and cheer us on! Lyrics were sent home today on yellow paper. Please practice at home if possible, and we’ll keep practicing at school!
Here are some things we’ve been learning:
Literacy. In both reading and writing we are studying informational texts! In writing, we are writing informational books. Students have chosen topics they know a lot about, and are writing to teach readers all about it! We’ve focused quite a bit on nonfiction text structures, nonfiction text features, and different elaboration and craft techniques that informational writers use. This week we are focusing on carefully crafting our endings, and researching to ensure fact accuracy.
In reading, students are researching topics of interest, using all that they know about how texts are structured to gather meaning. Students have learned that reading informational texts takes action! It is a “sit up and read” kind of reading, where we should be taking notes, and adding entries to our reading journal to capture our ideas, wonderings, and reflections about what we’ve learned. In addition to determining the main idea and key details of a text, we’re now learning how readers read narrative nonfiction differently-following the story plot,  and reading for information.
If students would like to do further research  for writing at home, they are more than welcome (with your supervision of course)! Here is the link to approved search engines we use at school:
Math. We have just finished our unit on addition and subtraction within 1000. Students learned many strategies for adding and subtracting accurately. They are encouraged to use more than one strategy to prove/verify their answers, and show their depth of understanding. A few strategies for subtraction we’ve learned are: subtracting one number in parts, adding up, and subtracting back. I encourage students to hold off on using the algorithm if they know it, until they’ve shown a real deep level of mathematical understanding with the other strategies first. We will get there, but these strategies we’ve learned are important building blocks to future math concepts. Prematurely teaching (and using ) the algorithm can lead to some real tricky errors, and misunderstandings. For addition, students also have a plethora of strategies including using a number line, or ‘sticker” models, and adding by place value, and adding one number in parts. We will begin our unit in geometry this week, beginning with linear measurement (in US Standard and Metric units), and perimeter.
 – Inquiry.  We are concluding our Oregon Region research and will write up paragraphs about the various region’s land, climate, resources, and tourism. We will use this research to create brochures! We will conclude this unit by creating salt dough maps of Oregon. We would LOVE some additional parent volunteers for this messy, hands-on, and fun project! I will let you know when this comes up.  Next, we’ll begin an engineering unit that will lead to our final science fair projects!
Have a wonderful week!
Mrs. Lauren Ka’ae

Mrs. Ka’ae’s Class Blog: Theater Field Trip Tomorrow, Friday, November 17th!

Dear Families,

Tomorrow is our field trip to the Oregon Children’s Theatre! We will be enjoying the play “Judy Moody and Stink and the Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Treasure Hunt”. This is a book we’ve read and discussed in class, and are very excited to see how it is portrayed on stage! After the play, we’ll be comparing and contrasting the book to the play.

The plan is to leave Lowrie at 8:30 am, to head to Newmark Theater in on SW Broadway, in Portland. Students may bring a snack with them to eat on the bus.

After the show, we’ll board the buses and head back to Lowrie. Our plan is to have a picnic lunch behind the school at the new playground that was recently built, if it’s not raining. If it is, we’ll have lunch in class as usual. Due to the fact that we may not make it back in time for our regular lunch time, we ask that students please pack a lunch. After lunch, we’re back to our regular schedule for the remainder of the day!

Additionally, it’s been a 3rd grade tradition to dress up for the theater, as it is a special occasion. We are asking students to dress nicely (think- a nice dinner with grandma).

As a reminder, homework is due tomorrow. Students will also take home a reading log to keep track of minutes read over the break.

Have a wonderful afternoon!

Mrs. Lauren Ka’ae

P.S. More info on the play can be found here:


Mrs. Ka’ae’s Class Blog: Pajama Day Tomorrow, Thursday, November 16th

Hooray! We have earned a pajama day! TOMORROW, Thursday, November 16th.

It’s been (over) 10 weeks and we have worked hard to earn enough of our class points EVERY week to earn this reward. We’re showing respect, building stamina, persevering through challenges, and being kind and thoughtful community members. Way to go class!

Students may wear warm pajamas to school, and bring a small stuffed animal to read to during reading workshop. It needs to be small enough to fit in their backpack, please.

They need to wear tennis shoes to school because we still have PE. 🙂

Also, our field trip to the children’s theater is on Friday, and we’ll be dressing up. I’ll send out more info on that very soon.

Mrs. Ka’ae

Mrs. Ka’ae’s Class Blog: Bonneville Hatchery Field Trip TOMORROW, and Classroom Update

Chinook Salmon Clip Art

Hello Families,
I hope everyone is doing well, and enjoying our beautiful weather! Here are a few classroom updates for you.
Field Trip to Bonneville Hatchery and Tanner Creek-Tomorrow is our field trip! We will be hiking along Tanner Creek this year, instead of Eagle Creek. Tanner Creek is right next to Bonneville Hatchery, so we will not need to bus to another location. We will view salmon in the hatchery, as well as at the creek. We look forward to this experience of seeing real live salmon in the wild, as well as at the hatchery. We have been studying their life cycle pretty extensively so this is quite exciting! It is supposed to be very nice in the gorge tomorrow, however, it will be windy. Please remind your students to wear boots and coats. It’s possible that it may be muddy along Tanner Creek, so I advise wearing boots you don’t mind getting muddy and wet! We’ll be gone all day, and will be outside for nearly all of it, so dressing appropriately-in layers-is key! 🙂 Students need to bring a lunch (and snack) with them as well (unless you’ve pre-ordered one via the permission slip). Thank you for reminding your child to not bring candy or electronics, as they can be really distracting!
Salmon Eggs– Our 3rd grade salmon eggs are here. We have received Chinook salmon eggs to care for and watch hatch! We’ll observe them in their first 3 stages of life-egg, alevin and fry. We estimate that ,this process will take until December. When they finally lose their yolk sac and “button up” and become fry, we’ll need to release them so that they can hunt for their own food! We’ll release them at Memorial Park, in the Willamette River at an after school field trip.  It’s tough to predict exactly when they’ll be ready to release, so we won’t be able to give a lot of notice for when we’ll release. Thanks for being on the lookout for a Class Dojo message or email when the time comes!
Writing– We have finished our narrative writing unit, and are beginning our persuasive writing unit. This unit will end in our class giving speeches. Opinion writing (and providing reasons and examples to support your opinion) is a big piece of the third grade Common Core State Standard. Any support you can give your child about referencing EVIDENCE to support their claims will be really helpful, and carry through to their writing.
Reading-We also have recently finished our first unit in reading, where we worked on setting up ourselves for success this year, and reinforced some important foundation skills. We are very excited to be starting our next unit, Mysteries! We will be really honing in on envisioning and making high level predictions in this unit.  Students practice predicting using details from earlier in the book, and revising predictions as we find out more information. We are having a lot of fun being “detectives” in our own “just right” mysteries, as well as our class read aloud, “The Absent Author” by Ron Roy.
Math– We  are continuing our work with data and graphs. It’d be really helpful to show your kiddos where and how you use data in your adult lives, in and around the house or community! We will also be touching on some measurement-measuring length in both metric and imperial measurements.
Inquiry – we are continuing our ecosystem and interdependence unit, and are focusing on salmon! We have learned so much! It’ll be a real treat to see  whole life cycle in motion tomorrow on our Field Trip! Next,  we’ll be transitioning to Oregon geography.
Spelling– We finished our last round (two-week long) of spelling words on Friday. Spelling tests will be coming home as soon as I document misspelling errors. We have begun a new round of words this week at school, and have begun sorting them into categories and practicing generalizing the new spelling rules introduced. These words will be sent home next week to practice at home as well, and we’ll have our next spelling test on Thursday, November 9th. Normally, we’d have it on Friday, but there is no school on Friday.
Social Emotional Learning– We have been focusing on the idea that different people may have different feelings about things. Students have been practicing noticing body and facial cues that give clues to how someone is feeling, and practicing showing empathy for others when appropriate-thinking, “How can I help? What is the kind thing to do?” We’ve been practicing identifying others feelings and using “I Messages” to solve conflicts. Most times, it’s a conflict that stems from a misunderstanding.
We are also working on showing self-control and respect for others (when is an okay chat and share out, and when we need to be really listening to learn from one another and show our respect).  Reminders and reinforcement of these important skills and follow-up conversations you can have with your child are always helpful. 🙂

As always, thanks for your partnership this school year!
With appreciation,
Mrs. Ka’ae

Mrs. Ka’ae’s Class Blog: Theater Permission Slip, Book Orders

Just a quick update here! A couple of papers going home today (along with the homework).

First, a purple field trip permission slip went home for the Oregon Children’s Theatre trip on November 17th.  I wanted to clarify, as the bottom portion can be a bit confusing. I DO need volunteers for this one, but am only able to take a limited number. Please indicate if you’re interested by checking the box and writing me a brief note (indicating which guardian/parent, etc). If more than 5 parents are interested, I’ll hold a lottery for the slots. It does cost $8 for chaperones as well.

Also, thanks to a lovely volunteer our latest Scholastic book order forms are ready to go! I have sent them home (and will plan on sending them the first week of each month with volunteer help). It really does make a huge contribution to our class when you order, as we are able to get free books from scholastic with every purchase! I will submit the order by October 20th.

Students will be receiving their necklace and tokens for money raised for Wheel-a-Thon tomorrow morning, and add to their tokens for every 100 dollars raised by our 3rd grade class as a whole. It’s an exciting week!

Have a great evening,

Mrs. Lauren Ka’ae

Lowrie October Events!


Hello Families!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I wanted to remind you of a couple events coming up at Lowrie.


First, Wheel-a-Thon is on Friday.  This week to promote Wheel-a-Thon, we have themed color days. If your child has a past Wheel-a-Thon T-Shirt they can wear it, and if not, any same colored T-Shirt will do! The color schedule is below. Friday, all students will recieve a new orange Wheel-a-Thon shirt for free. This is a fundraiser for our school. Donations are accepted all week. Donations earn tokens for students on a necklace. Please see Wheel-a-Thon flier sent home for more information.

We welcome you to support and watch/wheel with us on Friday! Our wheeling time is 10:15 am-10:45 am

Here is the spirit wear schedule:

Wheel-A-Thon Week:

October 2: Blue Day

October 3: Green Day

October 4: Yellow Day

October 5: Purple Day

October 6: WHEEL-A-THON DAY! Orange Day!

Author Visit: Kathryn Otoshi and Book Orders

Our school will be having the author, Kathryn Otoshi, vist on Monday, October 9th. She has written several books including, Zero, One, Two, and Beautiful Hands. Her books focus on character and community building. If you would like to purchase a book for your child to have autographed during the event, please return the book order form with cash by Monday, October 1st (Powell’s is offering a 20% discount for this event). Printable order copies were also sent home via email last week from our school counselor, Carmen Ryan. Of course, you’re also welcome to bring your own copies from home to have Kathryn sign.

We are looking forward to this event!


Conference week is coming up next week, October 9th-12th. Conference sign ups are now available via Family Link. I’ll be offering times on Monday and Tuesday after school and evening, and Wednesday morning. Please sign up for a time that works for your family. 🙂

These conferences are so important to our work for the year. Students will be reflecting, thinking, and writing  goals for themselves this week to prepare for our conference together. Please, do bring students to the conference with you if possible. Together, we will create a few personalized goals to report progress on and revisit throughout the year.

I am looking forward to partnering with you all this school year!

Here is to another fabulous week in 3rd grade!

Mrs. Lauren Ka’ae

Fall Confrence Goals, and New Permission Slips (Field Trip and Class Dojo!)

Happy Monday, Families!


A few important handouts went home last week that I wanted to be sure you were aware of. 🙂

First, the yellow “Conference Goals” sheet. I would love your input on areas of strengths, and areas for growth for your child. I will review these as I think through personalized goals for your child this school year. We will create a list of a few goals together at our fall conference. Conference sign ups will be made available soon via Family Link. I’ll be offering after school  and evening times on October 9th and 10th, and morning times on October 11th.  Thank you in advance for your thoughtfulness around these conference goals and supporting your child in their educational experience.

Second, another yellow handout, the “Class Dojo Digital Portfolio” and online photograph permissions. This year, we’re using an app, Class Dojo, to highlight positive behaviors in our classroom, communicate with parents, add photos and videos our learning experiences, and create digital portfolios of our work to share with you. Please see the sidebar link “Class Dojo” to watch a couple videos that showcase some of the features of Class Dojo. With your permission, I can add photographs of your child to our classroom blog and class “Dojo Story” that other you and other parents can see. Your child can also take photographs and short videos of classroom projects that they are proud of to share with you at home using the “Student Mode” of Dojo. I can then review and approve their posts. Additionally, Dojo features a messaging feature for teachers and parents which acts similar to a text message. You can reach me throughout the day via Dojo messenger if this is your preferred manner of communication (so convenient!).  Please sign and return this form as soon as you are able so that we can start sharing our learning with you via Dojo. Additionally, please download the Class Dojo app so you are able to see what we are up to, and communicate via Dojo.

Third, our first field trip is coming up on November 1st! A green permission slip for Bonneville Hatchery and Eagle Creek (if permitting visitors) went home in backpacks last week! This field trip is lead by the wonderful scientific minds at CREST. We will learn more about the salmon life cycle we have been studying, and see the salmon run! This year will be particularly interesting due to the environmental impacts that the Eagle Creek fire had on salmon habitat. We will have a special learning station dedicated to this event,  and learn how we can help prevent such occurrences in the future.

Thank you for returning these handouts at your earliest convenience. 🙂

As always, thanks for your ongoing partnership this year, and for sharing your amazing children with me! They are a fabulous group of hard working, and kindhearted kids!

I’ll leave you with a few upcoming dates:

This Wednesday, September 27th-Early Release: Prof Growth

September 28th, 2017-6:30 PM – 8:30 PM-WLWV Dual Language Family Evening / Noche para Familias de Lenguaje Dua

October 6th, 2017-8:30 AM – 10:30 AM-Wheel-A-Thon/Maratón sobre Ruedas

October 9, 2017-Primary Evening Conferences

October 10, 2017-Primary Evening Conferences

October 11, 2017-No School – Primary Conferences

October 12th-No School – Primary Conferences

Have a great week!

Mrs. Lauren Ka’ae

Technology Use Guidelines-Last Step to Unlocking Computer Use Privileges!


Dear Families,

Today our teacher librarian, Mrs. Chapman, discussed expectations for computer use here at Lowrie, and went over the Technology Use Guidelines in class. Our district has made a change and is now requiring that students sign this Technology Use Guidelines (different than the Google form) each year before students can use computers. This is the last step before we can have our computer cart unlocked.
We are so fortunate to have a class set of computers this year. Each student will be assigned their own computer to use here at school, that nobody else will use. We are pretty excited to get them up and running! Thanks for your help in returning these guidelines as soon as you are able.
Additionally, I wanted to remind you about our classroom blog. I will be updating it every few weeks with classroom news and reminders, as well as photos of our work. I updated it over the weekend. I am still working out some glitches with the subscribe feature. I entered the parent emails I had on file so that you can be alerted when I create a new blog post, but I am not sure that it worked! I will work on fixing the problem!  In the mean time, the link is at the bottom of the email. 🙂
Have a great week! Happy Monday!

Classroom Update 9/08/17


Dear Families,

We have had two fabulous weeks together! We have been enjoying getting to know each other, and building our classroom community. Lowrie’s character trait of the month is kindness. We have been discussing and highlighting  the kindness we see around our school and classroom each day!

Every few weeks I will post to our classroom blog with updates to our learning, and important reminders. In between blog posts, the weekly homework sheet is a good resource for upcoming dates and reminders. I have subscribed each of you to get email updates when new blog posts are posted. If for some reason you are not getting updates, please let me know and I’ll update your email address! 🙂

Here are a few things we’ve been up to:

Math-We are beginning our first unit on multiplication. We began looking for things that come in groups, and using strategies like repeated addition, skip counting or multiplication knowledge to find the product.  For example, “Socks come in groups of 2, if I had 4 sets of socks, how many in all?”  Students show their thinking using the various strategies (and sketching a picture) to find the product.  This coming week, we will begin looking at larger patterns in multiplication, and looking at multiples in comparison to other multiples lists.  For example, we’ll look at how the multiples of 5 are similar/different from the multiples of 10 by highlighting them on a 100 chart.

Writing- We are working on telling personal narratives with lots of sensory details, sequencing words (First, then, later…), dialogue, and emotions. In other words “using our storyteller voice”, rather than that of a news reporter. We’ll continue to practice zooming into a small special moment, and telling it bit by bit so that the reader can really visualize it!

Reading- We started our first unit, “Building a Reading Life”. Students are getting in the habit of reading just right books so that we can can continue to grow as readers, and be engaged (and excited about!) our reading for longer amounts of time. Next week we’ll be reviewing our reading pre-assessment.  This year we’ll be working hard on self-assessment, and looking critically at our own work to see where we should set goals for growth in our learning. It’s so powerful when students are able to take ownership of their own learning like this. We’ll hand out a rubric and go through it bit by bit, to help students begin to understand where they could continue to grow, and what it will look like when they’ve met their goal.

Word Study- Students have completed a spelling pre-assessment. I will use this to place students into differentiated spelling groups based on their current stage in spelling development.  We have been highlighting some important math vocabulary including, factors, and product.

Volunteering- Thank you to all who have reached out about volunteering, I am eager to have your help! I will be organizing a volunteer schedule to begin after Curriculum Night. The district has adopted a new policy and system for all volunteers. All (previous volunteers included) volunteers will need to register prior to being permitted to help at school. If you are interested in volunteering, please visit the following website to register. It takes 2-3 days to process.

Book Orders- Next week I’ll send home our first packet for Scholastic Book Orders! Please order your books before next Friday, September 22nd.  If you are unfamiliar with Scholastic, it is one of the least expensive ways to get new books into your child’s hands (with the added bonus of giving our classroom free books as well). Please go to (or use the link on our class blog page) and use the activation code: NCW4Z  to order books online and they’ll be shipped to Lowrie for free.

*Curriculum Night for Parents – 9/21 (time TBA)

*Early Release for Students – 9/27 @ 12:10 pm

I am looking forward to our first 5 day week together next week!

Enjoy your weekend,

Mrs. Lauren Ka’ae